The Pacific Islands Development Program at the East-West Center has partnered with the USAID Climate Ready project to produce the Small Grants Guide. This guide is designed to help community groups and other organizations in the Pacific to demonstrate their knowledge and capacity in order to create a successful small grants proposal. The guide is based on many years of experience in supporting community organizations throughout the Pacific in designing projects and securing external funding.

This first-of-its-kind guide features information tailored to the Pacific context and includes practical, step-by-step guidance for developing projects. Chapters focus on:

  • Making the “climate case” for a project
  • Linking a project to existing policies and frameworks
  • Incorporating gender equity, disability, and social inclusion issues
  • Identifying and addressing the problem
  • Developing a logical framework
  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and learning
  • Risk management

Although the guide focuses primarily on climate-change adaptation projects, much of its content is also applicable to other types of small grant proposals.


Today, the environmental conditions that have nurtured and sustained Pacific peoples for thousands of years are shifting as a result of global warming and climate change. In some cases, communities need external assistance to adapt to challenges stemming from typhoons and severe storms, droughts, and other environmental issues. Fortunately, small grants programs are available to provide financial support so that communities can implement projects that enhance resilience and improve adaptive capacity in the face of climate change.