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Insular Affairs Chief Anthony Babauta Resigns
Bordallo: Babauta ‘steadfast advocate for the needs of the territories’

HAGTA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Jan. 25, 2013) – Assistant Secretary Anthony Babauta has resigned from his position as Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Guam Delegate Madeleine Bordallo's office announced his recent resignation in a press release.

Babauta was involved in an ongoing investigation. Babauta was on administrative leave since late November, when the inspectors began a review of his travel and an unspecified grant awarded by his office.

Federal investigators were on island recently in connection with Babauta.

Bordallo stated Babauta was a steadfast advocate for the needs of the territories and significantly improved relations between the federal and territorial governments.

"He has ensured that the needs of the territories were addressed at every level of the federal government and worked diligently to ensure that our constituencies were treated comparably to Americans in the 50 states," Bordallo stated. "Specifically for Guam, Tony was a strong supporter of the Administration's renewed engagement in the Asia-Pacific region and helped expand job opportunities for our people."

[PIR editor’s note: Guam’s Calvo administration also praised Babauta’s advocacy for Guam and other insular areas during his tenure.]

Bordallo said Guam and the territories were well served during Babauta's leadership.

"Although his resignation marks the loss of an important ally for our Pacific Island and Caribbean communities, I am confident he will be successful in his future endeavors," Bordallo stated.

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