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Human Remains From Drug Yacht To Be Buried In Tonga
Police reportedly not contacted by Slovakian man’s next of kin

NUKUALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Jan. 22, 2013) – The unclaimed remains of Milan Rindzak (age 35) found on the 'JeReVe' yacht with over 200 kilograms of cocaine on Luatafito Atoll in November last year, will be buried in Vava'u soon. Two months after his death there has been no contact received from his next of kin.

Police Commissioner Grant O'Fee said that due to health reasons they would not be keeping his remains any longer at the morgue in Neiafu. "We will bury the body in Vava'u as soon as possible."

He said that the Tonga Police had not received any contact from his next of kin for arrangement of his remains.

"We can't keep it any longer since the body was badly decomposed when we got it. We held it since November awaiting contact from his next of kin but no one has made contact," he said.

The remains were found by local divers on 7 November 2012, after they spotted the yacht wrecked on the reef.

He was identified to be of Slovak nationality by police due to a combination of documents on the yacht, including a passport and information from the autopsy.

The cocaine seized from the 'JeReVe' was worth around AUD$116 million [US$122 million] and was sent to Australia for destruction in November last year.

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