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Detective Terminated From PNG Immigration Taskforce
Officer alleges superior in taskforce is partner to money launderer

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Feb. 26, 2013) – A police detective attached with Papua New Guinea’s Immigration Task Force, "Operation Rausim Alien," has been allegedly terminated from office by his superiors for investigating an Asian businessman.

The Detective (named) was allegedly removed by his superiors based at the Crime Directorate in Konedobu Police Head quarters in Port Moresby for investigating the suspect for money laundering.

It is alleged that one of the detective’s superiors is a business partner with the Asian business man.

Task Force Members were tipped off that the Asian was going to send about K300,000 [US$138,274] in his daughter’s luggage to his country of origin.

Task Force members led by the detective then intercepted the Asian at Gordon’s last month.

His car was also searched and the luggage containing the cash was confiscated.

The Asian was then detained by the Task Force members at the McGregor Police barracks together with the luggage and the car.

However, when high ranking detectives based at the Crime Directorate heard of the Asian’s detection, they unsuccessfully pressured and threatened the Police Detective to release the suspect.

"When the Asian found out that he was going to be investigated for possible money laundering, he again called my superiors at the Police Headquarters and I was pressured to release the car.

"As a police criminal investigator, I see this as nothing but mere interferences and obstructions by Senior Police Commissioned officers who have personal interest with the Asian," the detective said.

As a result of the detective’s defying of his superiors’ orders, he was allegedly issued instruction to transfer to Waigani Police station Minor crimes section.

The detective was attached with the National Drug and Vice Squad which is engaged with the Immigration Task Force. The Detective has also written to the Chief Migration Officer in a letter dated January 16, 2013, stating that his Superiors had transferred him, therefore he will not be part of the Immigration Task Force "Operation Rausim Alien" anymore.

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