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Former Fiji SDL Party Registers Under New Moniker
Social Democratic Liberal Party claims 8,000 supporters

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Feb. 26, 2013) – Fiji's former Social Democratic Liberal Party (SDL) has attempted to register itself under a new name and acronym SODELPA, which also stands for Social Democratic Liberal Party.

Under the new political parties decree, the party was not allowed to keep its original Fijian name or use the initials of previous parties, including SDL.

The leader of the proposed party, Dr. Tupeni Baba, told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat he's confident the party will be registered.

"We are following the decree to the letter to make sure that we will be registered," he said.

"I believe that in the name that we've chosen and the abbreviation we have chosen for the proposed party we will be able to succeed."

The party formally presented its application for registration on Tuesday, presenting the electoral office with a list of 8,000 members – 3,000 more than required under the decree.

Dr. Baba said support was still strong for the party among the people of Fiji.

"SODELPA's constitution is very broad-base, it's multicultural, multiracial and it articulates many of those social democratic values and also some of the liberal values," he said.

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