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Charfauros Alleges ‘Factional Politics’ Within Guam Police
Demoted captain claims arrests, ‘witch hunts’ are political

By Joy White

HAGTA, Guam (Marianas Variety Guam, Feb. 27, 2013) – The Guam Police Department (GPD) is splintered into factions, with "factional chiefs" playing favorites and protecting their own cliques, according to Mark Charfauros, who has been demoted from police captain to lieutenant.

Charfauros claims the actions against him were the result of "factional politics" within the police organization.

In a whistleblower complaint filed with the Civil Service Commission (CSC), Charfauros said the "powerbrokers" of a particular faction were behind the multiple arrests, investigations and other actions made against him.

Charfauros identified Capt. Paul Suba, Maj. Fred Chargualaf, and Capt. Kim Santos as the people behind the actions against him. He also alleged that GPD Chief Fred Bordallo was "in cahoots with this faction."

"Due to its very nature, [GPD] is composed of various factions and groups of officers that for one reason or another are bonded together as a way of achieving individual or group goals, advancing their agenda and positions within the department," Charfauros said.

"Anyone opposing or taking a different point of view contrary to certain factions within the Guam Police Department can open one to adverse and unjustified personnel action, to include unreasonable arrests or criminal charges," Charfauros added.


In January 2012, Charfauros was arrested for official misconduct and criminal trespassing. In February, he was again arrested for solicitation to commit assault. In December, he was arrested yet again for misconduct for allowing a Department of Corrections (DOC) inmate to use his mobile phone. Charfauros was later transferred to DOC to assist in the facility’s expansion.

"A huge amount of police resources has been expended on these witch hunts against me. To date, these witch hunts are based primarily on the personal vendettas of these officers. It is unfathomable why Chief Fred Bordallo Jr. can’t see through this and provide the leadership necessary to address these internal confrontations within the Guam Police Department," Charfauros said.

Turning the tables

In January 2012, Suba also filed a whistleblower complaint, alleging he was a victim of Charfauros’ "retaliatory measures," which he said were the result of his (Suba’s) complaint against Charfauros’ solicitation to commit assault. Then, in February, he filed an appeal to a transfer, claiming he had been transferred in retaliation for his initial complaint.

In his counter-allegation, Charfauros said investigations and arrests were made in reaction to writing up Suba for not performing his duties at the Department of Public Works' Office of Highway Safety Traffic Enforcement.

He also said the actions were in retaliation for the arrest of Suba’s alleged relative named Bert Carbullido, who was alleged to have connections with an "ice (methamphetamine)" dealer. Carbullido is also the officer to whom Charfauros allegedly made the solicitation.

According to documents filed with the CSC on Jan. 10, 2012, both Suba and Carbullido filed complaints about the solicitation. However, Suba referenced being told about the event several days before Jan. 10, while Carbullido referenced the event occurring on Nov. 11, 2011.

The complaint filed against Charfauros by the Yoa resident was filed on Nov. 22, 2011.

Charfauros also said Suba and another officer conducted a private investigation on a beige vehicle in January 2012.

In his own whistleblower complaint, Suba said he was not conducting surveillance on Charfauros and that Charfauros had his case investigated as a retaliatory measure for his whistleblower complaint.


Charfauros said instead of ordering the arrest three times, Bordallo could have simply submitted all reports to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), the Guam Community Police Review commission, and the GPD Internal Affairs Unit; or the chief could have referred the cases to the AGO.

In Suba’s whistleblower complaint, Bordallo is accused of playing favorite toward Charfauros.

Suba’s appeal was dismissed in January, while the review and dismissal of Suba’s whistleblower complaint is scheduled for tomorrow.

"Some factions within the Guam Police Department are protective of its members and have long memories," Charfauros said, referencing former Police Chief Frank Ishizaki, who was allegedly favoring Santos.

"Factional politics typically revolve around personality, with a few individuals playing key roles, acting as a magnet for like-minded people, leading the activities of the faction, and acting as a prominent voice for the shared objectives of the faction. Such individuals can be referred to by a variety of names, such as 'powerbrokers' or 'factional chiefs,"’ Charfauros said.

Three years

Charfauros said three years of dealing with these factions has taken its toll and Bordallo seems more influenced by these factions than taking control of the direction of the department.

Charfauros claimed Bordallo did not reinstate him as division chief of the administration division so he would not have the authority to protest the termination of an employee.

Charfauros also claimed Bordallo took no action against Suba, Carbullido and Santos for talking to the media without permission to criticize him; however, when he defended himself to media, disciplinary action was taken against him.

"Chief Bordallo has not only been unable to maintain control of his department – which is evident in his inability to quell the internal infighting – it also appears that Bordallo has taken this opportunity, which is clearly another example of internal factions at work, to demote me in retaliation for my refusal to support the circumstances created in justifying the termination and non-selection of a former employee within the GPD RBS program."

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