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Kiribati Students Call For More State Scholarships
Lack of funds led to qualified students losing out

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (The Kiribati Independent, Feb. 25, 2013) – Around two hundred Kiribati students were not offered scholarship this year because there aren’t enough funds for them.

In a letter written to the President and copied to Kiribati Independent, the signatories requested Anote Tong and his cabinet ministers to increase the number of scholarship awards to cater to the growing number of eligible students.

The Kiribati government is only sponsoring 50 students to further studies at the University of the South Pacific (USP) campus in Suva, and another 40 at the USP centre in Tarawa, the letter says.

The students say they were all qualified and meet the criteria but government doesn’t have the budget to pay for their school fees and stipends.

Government hasn’t responded to the students’ letter.

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