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Santa Cruz In Solomons Warned Over Possible Landslides
Communities recommended to move to higher ground

By Daniel Namosuaia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 21, 2013) – In the Solomon Islands, communities around Santa Cruz Island in Temotu were advised to move to safer ground from possible landslides.

Director of Geology Douglas Billy said those living below rivers where landslides occur at the upper streams to be also careful and move to safer land.

More than 30 major landslides have been identified around Santa Cruz Island. Most have occurred far from villages and have not threatened people’s lives.

But Mr. Billy said people must take precautionary measures to prevent likely occurrences of landslides that would result from heavy rain in a later time.

The community of Nea, where four major landslides occurred, have been advised to move to safe land over concerns of loose soil and rocks likely to fall.

"This is very risky to communities whose villages are close to rivers and those close to nearby existing landslides," Mr. Billy said.

Meanwhile, the geology director has advised people to be cautious and mindful of where they are going and stay away from possible landslide affected areas.

So far only one death was reported from a landslide incident at the village of Manoputi where an old lady was hit by a falling rock.

She was amongst the 10 confirmed deaths from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Santa Cruz, Temotu province, on February 6.

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