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Inaccurate Self-Reporting Leads To NMI College Accreditation Sanction
Description didn’t accurately reflect effort to meet deficiencies

By Moneth Deposa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Saipan Tribune, Feb. 15, 2013) – The accreditation team that evaluated the Northern Marianas College bared in a 77-page report that the institution's self-report gave an inaccurate picture of the quality of the college, resulting in the institution earning the most severe sanction of show-cause status.

"The quality of the writing of the self-evaluation report did not accurately represent the quality of the college. In some cases the evaluation sub-sections were, in effect, additional description rather than an analysis of the degree to which the college met the given standard," said team chair Gari Browning, Ph.D., president/superintendent of the Ohlone Community College District.

The comprehensive report on NMC is now posted in the college's website,

Browning led the evaluation team during the four-day visit last October. Team members included Jim Keller, Kathy Mendelsohn, Gil Rodriguez, Jeff Shimizu, Chui Tsang, Christopher Villa, Roger Welt, and Eddie West.

According to the report, NMC's "Action Improvement Plans" did not always logically follow from the self-evaluations. It indicated that a large number of people who worked on the report are no longer with NMC.

Most significantly, the report added, the self-evaluation did not address the recommendations from the most recent visit of the team, so overall "the self-report of NMC did not accurately disclose the impressive amount and quality of the work the college had done to address the recommendations."

Browning, meantime, acknowledged that NMC has satisfied the commission recommendations and met eligibility requirements and standards in nearly all cases, although resolutions to some were just in the nick of time. Among the items deemed resolved are the following recommendations:

  • In 2012, NMC satisfied the standards for integrated planning, financial integrity, regents' role and conduct, chief financial officer, and policy review.
  • In 2011, the college rectified concerns on NMC's autonomy, following commission policies, hiring of a CEO and administrative staff, broad-based planning, and faculty professionalism.
  • In 2009, NMC marked as resolved its planning process and evaluation of programs. It was in 2008 when NMC rectified student learning outcomes, employee evaluation, facilities, and sufficient staff. In 2007, the college addressed concerns on BOR training and suspension of distance education on Tinian and Rota.

In its decision last week, the Accreditation Committee for Colleges and Junior Colleges ordered NMC to submit by Oct. 15 a show-cause report and a closure report. These reports will be followed by a visit of commission representatives for verification.

NMC has been accredited by the ACCJC since 1985 and undergoes periodic evaluations and commission visits.

The college was placed either on show-cause or continued show-cause status in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013.

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