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Samoa State CEOs Allegedly Wasting Money On Vehicles
Opposition minister says government allowing excesses

By Lance Polu

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, Feb. 13, 2013) – Opposition Shadow Minister for Works, Levaopolo Talatonu has slammed the excesses and waste of public funds on some CEO cars which he sees as a rising trend.

He made the point at the Opposition Party’s press conference this afternoon. Speaking later to Talamua, Levaopolo said that some CEOs seem to be competing against each other buying the expensive fully loaded 3 liter four wheel drives which costs WST$110,000 [US$34,736]. Even more, they also buy the accessories such as canopy and bars which costs an extra WST$36,000 [US$11,368].

"If we have 30 CEOs buying the same type four wheel drives and accessories, that’s a lot of money wasted when we have been requesting funded projects in our constituencies and there is no money for them," said Levaopolo. "That excludes the running cost of these vehicles."

Levaopolo explains that there are cheaper options such as the standard four wheel drives which range from WST$80,000 to WST$90,000 [US$33,895 to US$38,132] in prices.

And he blames the Government for allowing these excesses to go unchecked.

"There are good cars such as Tuscons which CEOs can use of which government can buy two for the price of one fully loaded double cab now being used."

Levaopolo also questioned some CEOs performance.

"On of the marks of a good CEO is by submitting Annual Reports to Parliament as required by law. But some are not complying with the law as they have yet to table their reports from as far back as 2008."

Levalopolo said there is a lot of wasted money that the Government can save and channel to what the people in the villages need such as improving health, agriculture and roads.

"There’s a lot of waste and CEOs and the Government must set a good example," he emphasized.

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