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Aircraft Fuel Shortage Averted On Tuvalu
Fuel supplies slowed by poor weather, funding delays

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 29, 2012) – A shortage of aviation fuel in Tuvalu has been alleviated with the arrival of a new shipment.

Earlier this week Air Pacific flights were forced to cut passenger numbers so the aircraft could carry extra fuel for the return flight.

The director of Tuvalu’s Civil Aviation Authority Uinga Paelate says keeping on top of fuel stocks is the key to ensuring this shortage doesn’t happen again:

"We currently work together with the ministry concerned with the fuel in trying to get the fuel in advance before we run out stocks. And what happens now –we’re supposed to have the fuel in advance before we finish up the previous order."

The shortage was caused by fuel tankers encountering poor weather conditions as well as authorities being kept waiting for funds to pay overseas suppliers.

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