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Samoa Tourism Authority Launches Free Exercise Program
Over 85% of population considered obese

By Zaskiya Lesa

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Nov. 13, 2012) – Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has moved into health and fitness by teaming up with the Ministry of Health and others to provide an exercise programme.

The exercise programme - known as the Tourism Sector and Friends Exercise Programme is free of charge and promotes a healthier lifestyle for Samoans.

This new programme is coordinated by STA in collaboration with well-known and experienced instructors from Samoa International Finance Authority, the Ministry of Health and USP/Culture X.

The programme has been on since November 5th.

The aim is to get healthy, and through this programme participants will have a great time working out with friends and family the fun way.

Culture X is well known for its innovative and exciting way of exercising through dance that is similar to Zumba, but is much more culture-based with Polynesian moves.

The benefits from this exercising programme is not only to gain a healthier lifestyle, but to bring the family closer together in an effort to have children stay active rather than the usual time spent on the internet, watching television, or playing video games.

According to the STEPs survey done in 2002, some 85.2 per cent of the population is obese.

The survey showed 81.1 per cent of men are obese or overweight and 89.8 per cent of women are obese or overweight.

The STEPS survey showed none of the population is underweight according to past studies.

Healthy living does not only consist of exercising, but a healthy diet too.

STA makes it that much easier for Samoa to gain a healthier alternative by providing an exercising programme for the public for free, to promote the idealism of staying fit, healthy and happy.

The Ministry of Health is partaking in this initiative to move it one step closer to eliminating and decreasing the rate of obesity in Samoa.

Interested participants can be able to join in on the fun and healthy living at the Samoa Culture Village, STA Grounds starting at 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM every Monday to Thursday, until December 13th and will then resume on Monday, 14 January 2013.

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