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Guam Police Captain Investigated After Prison Visit
Officer in Blue House case allegedly used captain’s cell phone

By Zita Taitano

HAGTA, Guam (Marianas Variety Guam, Dec. 19, 2012) – Guam Police Department (GPD) Capt. Mark Charfauros appears to again be in the hot seat, not only with his employer but also with the Department of Corrections (DOC), as an investigation has been started on his alleged violations of DOC regulations.

Charfauros is currently assigned to DOC to assist with plans to expand the facility.

He is accused of visiting GPD Officers David Manila, Tony Quenga and Mario Laxamana at the territorial detention center last month in Hagta.

Charfauros allegedly allowed Manila to use a cell phone Charfauros was carrying so Manila can make a call. DOC strictly prohibits detainees or inmates access to any cell phones.

The allegations have prompted GPD Chief Fred Bordallo to order an internal affairs investigation.

"We'd like the investigation to be completed soon," said GPD spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia

Balajadia added the Attorney General’s Office is aware of the investigation but couldn’t provide any more details.

DOC spokesman Officer Jeff Limo said the alleged incident occurred on Nov. 21 and the commander of the Hagta Detention Center was ordered to submit a report of the events that took place to DOC Director Jose San Agustin.

"We received it last week," he said, and the report is now in the hands of Internal Affairs.

Just allegations

But Limo said the claims of Charfauros having a cell phone and allowing Manila to use it are just allegations at this point.

"Be mindful that Mark Charfauros is detailed to the Department of Corrections. He does hold credentials to enter any facility," Limo said.

As for the intention of the visit, Limo couldn’t disclose any information pending interviews that have yet to be conducted.

Limo also clarified reports of Warden Francisco Crisostomo’s inspection and its connection to Charfauros’ visit.

"It was just coincidental that the warden was down there at the time of their arrival at the Hagta Detention Facility. The warden came down there solely on his own merit with the commander down there," he said.

Limo said the incident is still classified as an administrative investigation.

"There’s nothing criminal at this point. If there is something criminal in nature then it would be forwarded to the Guam Police Department. But for now, everything is administrative," Limo said.

Three officers

Meanwhile, Limo has confirmed three police officers – Eugene Charfauros, Carl Lizama and Joel Terlaje – visited one of the detained officers at the Hagta Detention Center.

"As to why they checked in, that is still being looked into," Limo said.

Limo said the DOC director is questioning who authorized the officers to enter without his knowledge.

He added the commander of the center at the time was Mike Quinata. As the commander, he can make the decision on who can and can't come into the facility.

Limo said he is not sure if the officers visited the detained officers the same day Charfauros went to the facility, saying this is still being looked into.

As of last Sunday, Limo said Sgt. Allan Borja has taken over as the commander of the Hagta Detention Center. Quinata has been reassigned to the main compound. But Limo stressed the transfer has nothing to do with the alleged incident.

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