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Kiribati Opposition MPs Join Government Side
Two ‘defectors’ hope move will help their constituencies

TARAWA, Kiribati (The Kiribati Independent, Dec. 8, 2012) – President Anote Tong has more support in parliament thanks to two former opposition MPs.

The MPs are Martin Puta Tofiga, an MP from Betio and Waysang Kumkee from Nonouti island, they have now officially joined the ruling party, Boutokan Te Koaua.

Speaking to Newstar, Martin says he’s joined the government because he wants support for his constituency.

He says his decision for defecting to the government side is based largely on the need to bring to reality some of his promises to his constituency which he made during the last campaign.

Martin adds that while some of his projects for Betio have received full backing from the government some may not get the go ahead.

He believes that his defection to government is in the best interest of his people. Martin was elected at the last general election replacing former medical practitioner.

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