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Taomati Iuta chosen to return as Speaker

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (The Kiribati Independent, Nov. 25, 2011) – Parliament has nominated three candidates to run for presidency later this year.

[PIR editor’s note: In the Kiribati political system, after Parliamentary elections, which took place in two rounds in October, the MPs then nominate candidates from various parties to stand in the Presidential elections.]

They are caretaker President Anote Tong from the ruling party, Dr Tetaua Taitai from Kamaeuraoan Te I-Kiribati party and Rimeta Beniamina from Maurin Kiribati party.

The date for the presidential election is not yet finalised. Earlier today, 28 MPs voted for Taomati Iuta to be the speaker. He was speaker in the last government.

About the candidates

Anote Tong is from the island of Maiana in central Kiribati. His father was a Chinese, he was educated in England. He had held senior positions in the government. He was minister in the government of Teburoro Tito for a short time before he resigned and joined the opposition, now the ruling party, Boutokan te koaua. Teburoro accused him of resigning because of his unpaid tax. These were the unsolicited claims as Tong was never prosecuted for such a crime.

Dr Tetaua Taitai is from Tabiteuea maiaki in the south. He’s a medical doctor and businessman. He was secretary of health for many years before he was made secretary of cabinet by Teburoro when he came to power in 1994. Dr Taitai is a brother-in-law of Teburoro. They were both from Tabiteuea meang.

Rimeta Beniamina is from Nikunau Island in the south and son of former vice president in the government of Teburoro Tito. He was leader of Kamaeuraoan te I-Kiribati party.

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