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Pasifika Media Association – PasiMA - unveiled

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Aug. 20, 2010) - The new Pacific regional media association formed last week in Apia has announced a name change prior to its registration in Samoa.

The chairman of the new body, Samoa publisher Savea Sano Malifa, says it is going to be called the Pasifika Media Association or PasiMA.

Initially the group was called the Pacific Media Association but has changed its name to ensure there is no confusion with other bodies in the region.

Savea says in Samoan, PasiMA means concrete fort or stronghold and he says that reflects the new body’s desire to be solid in its convictions.

The group was formed by regional media owners, operators and principals after they became dissatisfied with the performance of the Pacific Islands News Associaton, or PINA.

[PIR editor’s note: Radio Australia reported that the Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) is made up of former Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) members. "PasiMA members were unhappy with PINA’s refusal to sanction Fiji over its controversial media decree. The new association says the lack of action by PINA is a direct threat to media freedom in the Pacific region." See story.]

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