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Monday, May 25, 2015

Japan To Give $578 million To Pacific For Climate Change
Japan recognizes Niue as a sovereign state

Suspension Of Fiji Opposition MP Labelled A "Joke"
Suspect ulterior motives given first time offense

French Polynesia Nuclear Victims Dubious About Commission
Testing victims skeptical of need for more hearings

US: Return Money After Failed Marshalls School Project
Documentation didn’t actually authorize land use

UN Calls For Nauru To Withdraw Recent Amendments
Related to freedom of expression

No Tsunami Threat After Latest Solomon Islands Earthquake
Earthquakes latest in recent Melanesian series

Tongans Seek Royal Intervention To Stop Ratification
UN Convention of women’s rights would allow abortion

Call For French/Pacific Climate Change Summit In Paris
By New Caledonia politician and member of the French senate

Korea Funds Feasibility Study For Fiji Port
Hope to expand bilateral relations

Tonga Takes Tangible Steps In Fight Against Corruption
Launches local chapter of global anti-corruption org

CNMI: Farmers Can Get Typhoon Help From USDA
Four programs that could be of service

PNG And Fiji’s Bilateral Relations Remain Strong
Despite tensions with Fiji PM

Samoan Language Week Celebrated In NZ
Third most spoken language in NZ

Longliner runs aground in American Samoa
Bad weather to blame

Aus Offers $35M For Vanuatu's Recovery From Cyclone
Extra assistance supplements initial commitments


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