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Monday, March 2, 2015

Pacific Aid Donors Grapple With China’s Rise And Influence
China one of top 3 regional donors, ongoing debates over transparency

Fiji Ratification Of UNCAT Welcome Move For Women
Updating ‘archaic laws’ in line with modern international standards

Cook PM Makes Case For NZ Superannuation Change
‘Strengthen capacity for sustainable development’, ‘growth’

Kiribati Hospitals To Take Weeks To Recover
NZ assisting with ongoing repairs

PNG Army Chief In NZ
Part of ongoing relationship building and partnership

Tuvalu And Kiribati Push For Locals To Crew Purse Seiners
Approved, but no legally binding agreements

Solomons Lack Expertise For National TV Service
Finding of service feasibility study

Fiji And Indonesia To Intensify Trade And Investment
Efforts to enhance economic cooperation and capacity building

CNMI Officials To Visit Hawaii Military Training Ranges
Trip to allay concerns over proposed training areas

Number Of Children Living In PNG Streets Increasing
Gov targeting issue through revised child protection laws

First Bank In 15 years Opens In Nauru
Banking services drought ended for country heavily reliant on cash

Nationwide Competition For New Fiji Flag
Follows PM claims that old flag represented British colonial power

Tonga Halts Auckland Fruit Imports Over Fruit Fly Scare
Imports from other NZ areas possible



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