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The Joint Commercial Commission (JCC) was proposed by President George Bush at the United States-Pacific Islands Summit held in October 1990 at the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawai‘i. On January 12, 1993, a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the United States/Pacific Island Nations Joint Commercial Commission was signed by the United States and the then thirteen independent Pacific island nations. The objective of the JCC is to promote mutually beneficial commercial and economic relations between the United States and the Pacific island countries.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding the specific functions of the Joint Commercial Commission shall be to:

  1. Monitor trade and investment relations; identify and consult regarding the removal of impediments to, and problems affecting, trade and investment flows; and develop specific opportunities for expanding trade and investment in goods and services.
  2. Exchange information on mutually beneficial development projects and activities.
  3. Promote educational training, technical assistance, and other related exchanges.
  4. Undertake other appropriate actions to promote greater commercial cooperation between the Parties and their private sectors.
  5. Provide a forum to foster private sector development initiatives and economic policies.
  6. Facilitate relations between United States business enterprises and government, and the governments and private sectors of the Pacific island nations.
  7. Promote involvement of United States business enterprises in the Pacific islands region by facilitating dissemination of information on emerging opportunities in the region.
  8. Discuss related issues of mutual interest.

The Pacific Islands Development Program at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai‘i acts as the JCC Secretariat. The Secretariat is responsible for responding to information requests, ongoing research endeavors, organizing yearly conferences and special workshops, the creation and maintenance of Internet tools that facilitate linkages between Pacific islands' and United States' businesses, and other day-to-day administration of the JCC.


Scott Kroeker, JCC Project Officer
Pacific Islands Development Program
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96848-1601, USA
Tel: (808) 944-7721
Fax: (808) 944-7670


The group of officials from Pacific Island members of the JCC met in Honolulu, Hawai‘i on May 21, 2005 to discuss ways to revitalize the JCC. Download an Adobe Acrobat version of the "Summary Record" for the 2005 JCC Meeting here. A larger file, complete with appendices, is available here. (Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).



In collaboration with the JCC, the Maui Pacific Center has compiled a number of resources the assist Pacific Islands Business Associations enhance their activities. Go to these resources here.


Asian Development Bank (ADB) Pacific Islands Market Brief.

Prepared by the U.S. Commercial Liaison Office for the ADB Manila, The Philippines.  

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader here

Bank of Hawaii Pacific Islands Economic Profiles

Prepared by Wali M. Osman, Ph.D. Regional Economist, Office of Insular Affairs
Department of Interior


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